Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanksgiving In Bologna

Christmas Tree in Piazza Maggiore... looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree during the day, but beautiful at night!!! 
The Asinelli Tower all lit up!
Thanksgiving has come and gone.

It feels weird even typing that. Time just seems to stand still here—not in a bad way, just in a hey-the-weather-isn’t-changing-and-nobody-celebrates-thanksgiving-here kind of way. It’s weird though, because it seems like the day after Thanksgiving the city just threw up all the Christmas lights. Are you SURE you don’t secretly celebrate the “doorway to Christmas” holiday?

BCSP arranged a dinner for us, which ended up being fantastic and relatively near my house. Since I was wearing heels for the first time since coming to Italy, this was a HUGE plus. On Wednesday, Professor Ricci sort of dropped the bomb that the restaurant was a “classy establishment”  and we had to dress nicely. Ergo, I had to go out and drop 40 Euro on a new pair of tights and a dress.

The dinner was so good! We opened with a pumpkin soup, then moved on to ceasar salad (is this normal for your Thanksgiving? I’ve never even heard of eating ceasar salad on any holiday), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, turkey, and apple pie with a nutmeg sauce.  While the food was definitely “Thanksgiving-y”, it was more like Italians trying to do Thanksgiving food… delicious none the less. That and they just kept bringing wine. I will be going back to this so-called “classy establishment” soon. Ben even busted out in an acappella version of “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child”—which, granted, is not the best song to choose for a room of homesick 20-somethings—but he was amazing.

Afterwards, about 10 of us all went out. I’m still not quite sure what all happened between us leaving the restaurant and Dru and I getting home…  mostly because we were having so much fun (that and my heels hurt so bad I could barely focus when walking from apartment to apartment). I haven’t had that much fun in a while—the kind of fun when you’re thinking, “Damn, I need to remember every second of this” and then you get home and can’t recall a single thing as clearly as you would have liked to. It has nothing to do with wine or being stuffed with turkey… it’s all about the company.
Kyle, Me, and Brea --- Those two are among my favorite people here! Top of the list!

Thanksgiving was all-in-all amazing. Although I so wanted to be home with my family, eating fabulous food prepped by my mom and company, I was very happy to be right where I was, eating good food and enjoying the company of all the kids in the program. 

This week is promising to be one of the longest in history. I have an oral exam in my grammar class tomorrow, then a written grammar exam on Wednesday… a quiz in the hardest history class in history tomorrow, and lots of prepping to do for BARCELONA. I leave on Thursday and I am SO SO SO excited.

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