Friday, December 23, 2011

Barcelona Part Three: Sagrada Familia, Beach, Nekked Man (AKA - Germans Be Chantin')

The next day, six of us (all the girls, the two boys were still passed out from their night on the town) got up bright and early and made our way to the Sagrada Familia, which is probably the most famous architectural feat in Barcelona and Gaudi’s greatest works.

Outside of the Sagrada Familia. Crazy, eh?
Check it out from behind! Looks like it's melting!!!
This place is amazing—easily one of the coolest buildings I’ve ever gotten to set foot into.  The outside is all gothic, but then when you step into the church, you feel like you’ve entered a fantasy land. There are beautiful stained glass windows and soaring columns that lead up to a roof made of crazy stucco and concrete designs. According to the guidebook, Gaudi was obsessed with the church for much of his later life—he even lived on the premises during construction—until he got smushed by a tram and died. Ouch. Naturally, they buried him in the Sagrada Familia crypt. RIP Gaudi.

After the Sagrada Familia, Sarah, Kyle, and I went rogue from the group and head to the nearby chocolate museum, which is actually pretty ho-hum if you ask me. It’s got nothing on the chocolate festival that came to Bologna, but it does get points for style: the entrance ticket was a bar of chocolate. So cute!

Once we got our sweet tooth on, we ate lunch at a small restaurant nearby before heading to the beach, which was beautiful. All the sailboats were in the marina, and the water was beautiful and warm-ish. We walked up and down a stretch of beach for a bit, and then were scared off by this man who was COMPLETELY NUDE. As in, He-is-so-ridiculously-naked-and-there-are-no-clothes-in-sight-and-it-specifically-states-that-this-is-not-a-nude-beach completely nude. It was gross and yet seriously funny. He was just chillin’, taking a stroll by the seaside buck naked. Whatever floats his boat I guess… no pun intended. Ew.

After avoiding nekked man, we wandered around the seaside for a bit, took in the sight of Montjuic, and meandered through a small antiques market before trekking back to the hostel to freshen up before taking a stroll through the gothic quarter and eventually finding food.

Our last meal in Barcelona was by far my favorite. We somehow stumbled across a small bar/restaurant in the gothic quarter that was mostly a local place. The awesome bartender made us all delicious drinks (Regular Mojito for Kyle, Mango Tango for Sarah, Passionfruit Mojito for me, although I ordered a regular), and we feasted on burritos, chicken tacos, and spicy beef tacos (surprisingly, the latter was mine. My gastronomic audacity is starting to pick up speed).
Mojito and Mango Tango made by Senor J... aka Senor Hayyyy.
When we returned back to the hostel around midnight, Kyle and I decided to catch a few (literally, 3) hours of shut eye before we had to wake up at 3:00 AM to catch our 5:00 AM bus back to Girona. Wandering through Barcelona at 4 AM is not nearly as cool as it would seem—there are a lot of drunk people around and questionable smells wafting through the air.

Overall, we spent a fantastic 3 days in one of Spain’s most iconic city. Now it’s back to reality—we have our history exam next week, and all of us are studying our terrified little heads off. Well, I’m not exactly studying. More like looking at my history book periodically while blogging about random things that don’t involve history whatsoever. Oh well. I think I’ll take a nap and then give it another go?


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