Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kick Ass Cake and Other Musings...

Alessia, the mom of the two boy's I tutor, had me for dinner last night. On the menu? Vegetable soup, lamb chops, sauteed mushrooms, and THE BEST CAKE EVER. She was even nice enough to give me half of it to take home. What's in the cake? Well, it's layer upon layer of zabaione (egg yolks, sugar, and sweet wine all fluffed up into frosting-like consistency), real whipped cream, real frosting, and dark cherries... all separated by thin sheets of pastry. OH MY FUCKING GOD (sorry for the language and the name in vain...) but it is so good!!! I ate another slice last night, and then i polished off the rest of it for breakfast. And, lordy lord, i cannot even so much as look at food right now. It's such a delicious pain.

In other news, i booked my tickets to Paris and Barcelona yesterday. Kyle, Madeline, and I will be going to Paris the morning of November 17th, and staying through the 20th. The lovely Kyle and I will then be heading to Barcelona on December 1st to meet my beloved bestie Sarah. I'm getting so excited! Paris has never been high on my to-do list, but recently it's been climbing the ladder... okay, there are mainly 2 reasons: one, it appears in the last 2 episodes of Sex and the City and looks amazing. Two, it's the backdrop of Adele's "Someone Like You" music video... and Adele is my FAVORITE. Okay, maybe she's tied with Jessie J and Sara Bareilles... no, i think she edges them out by a hair. Because she's Adele! I was crushed to hear that she must take a 6-12 month hiatus for her voice. CRUSHED I SAY!

Barcelona has always been somewhere i've wanted to go ever since reading Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, which is hands-down, slap-your-mother, indubitably my favorite book of all time. It even beats out Harry Potter, which is a rare feat. The book (which i recommend you all go out and buy/borrow/rent NOW! Okay... finish this blog post first... but then go!) takes place in Barcelona, which is almost a character just as much as it is a setting. I cannot wait to take the "Shadow of the Wind walking tour" that Zafon has posted on his site. Kyle better sit tight because nothing's stopping me from this one... I may also stalk Zafon, so he might want to watch out for some American girl creepin' outside in some bushes...

I'm also thinking of dyeing my hair. I need a physical change... and hair dye seemed to be low on the "how much it costs to complete said physical change" list. Other things on the list: another tattoo (too permanent to be capricious with), a nose piercing of some sort (mildly expensive), liposuction, and facial reconstructive surgery. Okay, those last two were just a joke. Really, they were. I would never let Dr. 90210 near me, my face, or my love handles. Why? Heidi Montag, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, the entire Jackson family... need any more reasons?

Okay, i should really probably do my homework... and study for that test on Monday... and read some of the 250 pages i still have left...

Yeah, i think i am going to take a nap.

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