Monday, October 31, 2011

666 Steps --- This Is What My Life Has Become

You know what sucks? Being poor and big-footed in Italy.

Okay, let me explain...

Italy is expensive--a fact most people know. BUT, did you know that it is practically impossible to find shoes in a size 9-10? Okay, let me rephrase... it's practically impossible to find fashionable cool comfortable  semi-decent shoes in a size 9-10. I've been to over 12 stores, and i cannot find a pair of comfortable boots that fit. Cut to last week when i was walking around in a rainstorm in flimsy flats with an even flimsier umbrella...

In other news, yesterday I got together with Dru, Kyle, and Brea to climb to the top of San Luca, this church located in the hills of Bologna. In order to reach the church, you start at street level and climb up stone inclines and stairs for about 30 minutes. There are 666 porticoes, all labeled, to the top... but 200 of those are at street level, so it's more like 466. I like this number better, it makes me seem less ambitious in my physical exercise and less like a devil worshiper. (For the record, I hate working out and Satan is not my homeboy.)
One of the however-many terrible inclines.

San Luca Church. It's much more impressive in photos not taken by me. Google that shit.
 After a half-hour of huffing, puffing, and mild complaining, the four of us reached the top. We sat in the church for about 15 minutes, more or less to rest and take in the medieval interior of the church. Then we went outside and sat around for about an hour, shooting the shit and people watching... more or less because we were too tired to walk back down those damn stairs/inclines. I spent most of the time taking rando pictures, like the 18 i took of Dru's glasses (i was having a hipster/i-think-i'm-a-photographer-because-i-have-a-camera moment), and the semi-artsy photos of the guy wearing the RIDICULOUS blue wind suit. It was just so... blue... and... you know... wind-suity.

Artsy-fartsy picture #1.

Dru let me borrow her shades for Artsy Fartsy Pic #2

Man in blue windsuit in hot pursuit of the water fountain...

Brea going to examine if Man in Blue Windsuit is clinically insane or a fashion genius...

He drank water and walked back to wherever he came from... like a BOSS.
When we finally descended down the stairs, we all decided to go to Piazza Cavour and treat ourselves to the best. gelato. ever. from Gelateria Funivia. This place is DELICIOUS. I got three flavors: zabajone, straciatella, and torta funivia (chocolatey-chocolate gelato with chunks of chewy chocolatey-chocolate cake). So damn good. Afterwards, we were all pooped and went to our respective apartments to shower and pass out. I ended up being extremely productive, reading the rest of my assigned history reading (which takes forever) while i drank copious amounts of tea.

I don't even like tea. I think it tastes like dirty water... but my apartment is ridiculously cold. Like, 58 degrees cold. I'm terrified to turn on the heat because Sara, my old roommate who owns the place, told me how expensive heat is. I think she exaggerated, but i don't want to take the risk... so i walk around with several layers of clothing, a scarf, a blanket wrapped around me, and the occasional red gloves. No exaggeration. I look like Randy from The Christmas Story when the mom dresses him up in his snow suit...

This morning i woke up at 11:24 AM, which was super confusing because all of the clocks in my apartment were telling me it was 10:24 AM but my phone was telling me it was 11:24. Turns out Italy has daylights savings time on October 30th. Who knew? It's good, too, because then i didn't feel too guilty about sleeping in so late--the latest i've slept in since i got here--not that i really did anything all day.

I mostly just watched Hocus Pocus repeatedly and took a very long, cold-medicine-induced nap. Why did I watch Hocus Pocus a total of 4 times today? Simple: I love that movie... that, and it's the only full-length movie worthy of my time that i can find for free on YouTube. Why don't i use Project Free TV, you ask? Well, because PFTV gave Dru's computer a virus--a virus that literally ate her computer. Okay, not literally... but it messed shit up bad. I'm on my last computer (I started with two, see previous post about my beloved Alice) and I refuse to mess up my little mini nugget of a computer.

Oh, and i made some kick ass carbonara today. It was SO GOOD. This could be because i was sick, or maybe because i've eaten buttered noodles for my past 109 meals. I don't even really know how to make carbonara... i just winged it, and it actually turned out really, really good. Super easy to make, too...

Other than that, I'm just chillin (literally chillin... it's effing freezing!) in my bed, wrapped up like an eskimo baby, staring at my art history textbook. I've read two pages--literally two pages--of the 311-page book. I should probably be more worried about it than i actually am. Oh, well... it'll get done.

And it's officially 12:21 AM on October 31st, AKA Halloween... AKA my favorite holiday. YAY! I think i will watch Hocus Pocus again... fifth time is a charm!

Loves yah!

PS: I took my first-ever "planking" photo on one of the San Luca porticoes. Too bad I fogot to take my camera off the ridiculous "blue windsuit man" setting and my hair out of that terrible bun. Oh well, still good.

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