Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The best kind of blog post...

RaNdOm PiCtUrE aLeRt

One of the seven "mysteries" of Bologna: If you look at Neptune at the right angle, you get the illusion that he has a huge boner. It's actually his thumb being seen from a weird angle, but its hilarious nonetheless.

This kid was so sweet... he was pretending to fight with an umbrella.

Meet my meat and cheese platter. It says hello.

Oh, this picture never fails to make me smile. I only wish I could have taken it with flash, but i had to be sneaky.

I was OBSESSED with this pug. It had to be at least 45 pounds. It was massive. Like a tiny elephant.

I ordered "ice cream" at the Nutelleria. What I got was pure magic... it was about 10% ice cream, 90 % nutella... 100% delicious. NOM NOM NOM.

The building that has faces as decoration. Creepy and cool all at the same time.

What Kyle, Dru, and I ordered at the Nutelleria... a nutella-filled crepe at the upper left, a nutella-filled croissant at the top right, and my "ice cream" at the bottom--which was more or less pure nutella. Amazinggggg. 

Candles at Santo Stefano.

Oh, hello there Mr. Badass Pug... did i mentioned  I was OBSESSED?!?!?!

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